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GHRD calls for proper investigation and prosecution of the abductors of Mr. Abu Bakar Siddique

GHRD calls upon State institutions to ensure that justice is done in the fight against disappearances and to contribute in challenging impunity of perpetrators of these serious crimes.


Reactions to Hindu temple attack indicates increased support for the Hindu community

On 16th March a Hindu temple was attacked by a mob of Muslim men. Was it really because of blasphemy or was it just a rumour to legitimize revenge?



GHRD attends the Human Rights Council session in Geneva

GHRD was able to send one of its Human Rights Officers to the Human Rights Council session, held in Geneva in order to meet influential Human Rights Defenders who work in our target regions, specifically Balochistan, Pakistan.


GHRD's Human Rights Blog

GHRD continues to involve brightest minds from Asia and Europe as contributors to our human rights blog. If you are interested in raising a human rights issue and becoming a contributor, send us an email at education@remove-this.ghrd.org

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