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PRESS RELEASE: We Demand Justice and Protection for the Victims of Massive Arson Attack, Bangladesh

GHRD is deeply troubled by the scale and ferocity of the pervasive attacks against indigenous people in CHT. The perpetrators of arson attacks on indigenous Jumma people’s homes, shops and places of worship in Naniarchar Upazila of Rangamati District must be brought to justice. Solid measures must be taken to address the urgent need for protection of Jumma people in the area.



Mavi Kohli, a 12-year old victim of an abduction, forced conversion and marriage to a 62-year old man from Sindh, was just released from a shelter home and allowed to go home with her family. After 3 weeks of investigations, court hearings and a medical exam, the girl is now free and the perpetrator is facing prosecution. We commend Mavi on her courage to stand up in court despite the threats to her life and the lives of her family to tell the truth about the circumstances of her case. Let this be an inspiration for all the other girls suffering from the same horrendous fate! Congratulations, Mavi and all the people who came to support her in the court!


Pakistan: Under the shadow of abduction and forced conversions

Anjali Meghwar represents the most vulnerable group in Pakistani society, as she is belongs to one of the most marginalized Hindu groups in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistani women are treated as second class citizens, leaving women from minority groups such as Anjali an easy target for the various religiously motivated human rights violations. There are legal mechanisms in place to protect underage girls like Anjali, but the reality of the minority rights situation often creates obstacles for their utilization. Anjali’s mother and sister were prevented from reporting her abduction to the police, as they would not have been taken seriously by the police as minority women. This is just one of many cases that demonstrate the atrocities and lack of access to justice faced by minority groups in Pakistan.



2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan


2013 Human Rights Report - Pakistan shows the state of human rights for religious minorities in Pakistan during 2013. This report is based on fact findign missions and extensive research done by GHRD staff and local human rights defenders.


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