Our mission is to promote and protect the fundamental human rights of minorities and marginalised groups.

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GHRD has 2 part time vacancies, i. Fundraising Assistant and ii. Assistant Researcher, Human Rights Division. Applicants must read all instructions in the advertisement. Incomplete/ wrongly addressed applications will be not be considered.

Press Conference in Rome

GHRD held a press conference at the Press room of the Italian Parliament in Rome, concerning the human rights violations faced by women belonging to religious minorities in Pakistan.

Transgender Rights in India

In India, transgender people’s human rights are not being sufficiently protected by the current legal framework. Our paper explores options to improve on the current status of these rights.

Humanitarian Aid in Nepal

GHRD has set up a crowdfunding campaign to provide relief for Nepalese families affected by the heavy rainstorm on 31st March 2019. You can contribute here.

Human Rights Report 2019

Download the report here to learn more about the human rights situation of women belonging to religious minorities in Pakistan in 2019.

Religious minorities in Pakistan are in the process of being wiped out, due to systemic discrimination and human rights violations.

Please help us in demanding that the UN and EU take action to protect religious minorities in Pakistan.

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