About Us


Global Human Rights Defence caters to promoting and protecting human rights on a global scale. GHRD focuses on the areas and populations where severe and
extensive human rights violations of ethnic,linguistic, and religious minorities are taking place whilst being overlooked by the mainstream media.

GHRD is distinctive from other organizations as it focuses on issues and areas where people have been deprived of their rights and receive little to no
government and local support. GHRD prides itself on its extensive team of permanent, local observers who collect genuine information and produce
reports of the highest quality.

The work of GHRD is based on four pillars:

    • Human Rights Monitoring

    • Human Rights Advocacy

    • Human Rights Education

    • Human Rights Empowerment

GHRD monitors and investigates human rights violations in order to raise awareness for these issues on national and international levels. GHRD carries out a variety of activities and events which enables our organization to report, educate, and advocate for human rights in the countries we operate in.

These activities include:

    • Coordinating investigative missions into human rights violations;

    • Presentations and reports based on field-work;

    • Research and media monitoring;

    • Lobbying and advocacy events.

The Hague is home to our headquarters which allows us to closely cooperate with local partners and experts, interact with governmental and intergovernmental institutions, and function as a base for human rights activists from around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to actively promote and protect human rights of minorities and marginalized groups in order to enhance their socio-economic status. This is done through an international platform of empowerment via education, advocacy, and lobbying to demand more effort from established organizations, institutions, media, and relevant authorities.We strive for the fulfillment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Declaration on Rights of Minorities (1992).

Our Vision

Our vision is to grant a world where the rights of all minorities and marginalized groups are respected and upheld in accordance with national and international laws, treaties and agreements.

Our Pillars

Human Rights Monitoring and Investigation


Human Rights Lobbying and Advocacy


Our Team